l Who is MH?

MH was established in Ningbo Free Trade Zone in 1999. With years development, MH has developed into a diversified industrial cluster. Main products relates to threads, ribbons & tapes, embroidery lace, buttons, zippers and other accessories, fabrics and household goods. At present, MH owns a total of more than 4,000 employees at home and abroad. For years, MH has been ranked “Top 100 Comprehensive Enterprise of Ningbo” , “Top 100 Service Enterprise of Zhejiang” and “Top 500 Service Enterprise of China.”

l What can we do for the world?

Create value for customers. Customer is the reason for all the existence of MH. In the past and in the future development, we are and will continue to innovate products and services, optimize internal management, explore new business models, pay close attention to and meet customer needs and continue to create for customers value. Up to now, MH has provided more than 20000 kind of products and services, such as garment accessories, embroidery lace and home and outdoor products, to more than 160 countries, regions, distributors and end customers

Provide the stage for the struggle. MH advocates aggressive style of struggle and integrates it into the company's mechanisms such as compensation and bonus system, evaluation methods, welfare system, profit sharing and equity incentive methods, etc. MH encourages and helps employees continue to struggle to achieve self-worth and the dream of life. MH expects to create the path of value creation through the implementation of value-based evaluation and distribution mechanisms based on responsibility and contribution.

Promote social sustainable development. MH, from the beginning of the development of three people to more than 4,000 people, with an annual output value of 4.3 billion, brings a direct tax, employment promotion, industrial chain driven effect. As a responsible corporate citizen.

l What do we insist on ?

For the future, we will not live up to the historical opportunity given to us by the generosity of the times. MH will continue to adhere to the core values of "customer first, teamwork, open innovation, passionate and enterprising, honest and dedicated" to create value for customers and provide satisfactory products and services for the colorful life of mankind.

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