MH has begun to test the water of overseas e-commerce business in 2011,
with the globalization of the supply chain system, brand, localization,
the whole channel of the business model and information flow, capital flow, logistics trinity of the development strategy,
MH has rapidly developed into a competitive enterprise in overseas e-commerce business.
Current product categories include outdoor, rattan, home, fitness, pet and children's products.
MH has more than 300 professional business services team,
has been in the United States, Canada, Germany, France, Britain, Italy, Spain, seven countries set up branch offices,
and nearly 30,000 square meters of professional warehousing centers and localized warehousing team.
After the first phase of the accumulation, MH began to enter its own platform operations.

In the future,

E-commerce will carry a magnificent vision of "creating the world's preferred cross-border electricity business platform",
creating a user-friendly and service-oriented all-round consumer goods online shopping mall,
and is committed to providing satisfactory products and quality living for middle class families.

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