Mr. Billy Yan and his friends co-founded MH in 1999. At the beginning, MH was just focused on international trade business for garment accessories, aimed to supply foreign customers good products in China, as MH always treasure the value--Profession, Integrity, Innovation, MH wins customers trust and developed fast, now after 20+ years developing, MH grows up to a group, business including international trade and textile manufacturing, with 3000+ workers in 40+ countries.




  • 18,000m2 Intelligence 3D warehouse was started construction on 2022.
  • MH sewing thread industry output reached to 2500 tons monthly, equal to 150*40'HQ monthly on 2021
  • MH lace industry wins the rewards "Zhejiang Province's Most Influential Copyright Enterprise" for 2021
  • MH was ranged No. 75 and woned "2020 Top 100 Enterprises in Zhejiang Province" honor
  • New embroidery thread factory was set up in Hunan, equiped with new intelligence machines.




  • MH new office building has been built on 2019, which can accommodate 2,000+ staff.
  • MH invested new advanced energy-saving, environmentally friendly, efficent dyeing machines for thread factory.
  • MH lab set up for threads and lace products, a new safeguard for product quality.
  • MH Hunan industry zone was built with 220,000m2 workshop for sewing thread on 2015.
  • MH new 3D 20,000m2 warehouse was set up on 2012, with the new warehouse, MH can give customer more convient logistic service.




  • MH new strategic map, business divided to four business union-International Trade BU, Oversea Invest BU, Lace BU, Industry BU
  • MH third industry zone was built with 15,000m2 workshop for sewing thread on 2007.
  • MH first oversea branch-Nigeria branch was set up, to supply customers on-time local service.
  • MH second industry zone was built with 128,000m2 workshop for lace, ribbon and tape on 2005.




  • MH first lace factory was set up on 2004.
  • MH fist factory industry zone was set up on 2003 for embroidery thread.
  • MH was founded on 1999.12 with 10 staff.



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