I. Customers focused—MH puts customers’ need first, and puts customers at the center of everything MH does.

1. Open mind and listen to customer’s need and feedback
2. Build a customer-focused business work-flow;
3. Support the teams that service customers
4. Pursue excellence and provide customers with better products

II. Teamwork—Go all out for a shared goal together

1. Set possible clear goals and go all out for the shared goal together;
2. Create transparency in team with shared information and resources;
3. Recognize team members accomplishments, and reward teamwork;
4. Examine and improve teamwork processes and practices;
5. Creativity, innovation, and different viewpoints are expected and encouraged

III. Innovation—Embrace changes and innovation

1. Be open-minded, adapt to the daily changes of the market and customer needs.
2. Value the diversity of experiences, skills and ideas;
3. See challenges as opportunities to achieve success.;
4. Lead, test and implement new, complex and creative initiatives in work;
5. Reward innovation and celebrate success.

IV. Pursuing excellence —Always doing your best

1. Embrace the concept of continuous improvement;
2. Commit to doing what is required to excel;
3. Stick with the goal until it’s completed
4. Never give up in front of difficulties and setbacks, keep on seeking breakthroughs and successes;

V. Integrity—Be honest and take responsibility

1. Take corporate social responsibility, contributing to society in a meaningful way.
2. Be honest and trustworthy to partners and staff, never practice fraud;
3. Take the courage to admit mistakes, accept accountability;
4. Protect personal and confidential information;
5. Implement work transparency;

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