Kingdom of Garment Accessories

As a leader in the field of garment accessories,
MH has a wealth of sales model, excellent brand matrix, production and marketing integration of closed-loop ecosystem.
Up to now, MH Has contributed to the world more than 20,000 kinds of garment accessories products
with more than 40% of own brand export rate.
MH has a strong product development, supply and sales capabilities,
more than 1,000 with these related personnel, with 1,500 customers, for more than 160 countries and regions to provide products and services.

The future,

MH will continue adhering to the "create a kingdom of garment accessories" vision,
continue to work for customers around the world to provide a full range, reasonable price, timely delivery,
the right quality of the auxiliary products, and become the most convenient one-stop s choice for customers.

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