Embroidery Lace

For the inheritance and development of embroidery technology,
MH began in 2003 began to get involved in fashion embroidery industry.
In those years, MH devotes to constantly inheritance, innovation and precipitation,
from the perspective of fashion, share the beauty of embroidery and MH also quickly grow into China's well-known fashion embroidery brand.
To integrate the advantages of resources, MH had completed the internal integration in 2016,
and established fashion embroidery lace products research,
production and sales as one of the whole industry chain business.
There are more than 600 computer embroidery machines from Switzerland and Japan,
to meet the needs of water-soluble lace, embroidery, lace and other fashion embroidery products,
more than 300 service personnel to guarantee 24 hours delivery and MH has been rated as "high-tech enterprises in Ningbo City,"
and "national embroidery fabric product development base."

In the future,

MH will be based on leading fashion product design,
strict product quality control, excellent supply chain management, accurate market development,
professional and efficient customer service in the field of embroidery and continue to deep plowing development,
to achieve MH embroidery industry takeoff.

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