The implementation of economic, legal, ethical, charitable responsibility on the basis of the pursuit of harmony with the parties concerned.

Charity responsibility : Facing the future, MH targets at young people as the main direction of public practice, combine with the actual situation of the community to determine the dream, love, green public service direction

Ethical responsibility : reduces the discharge of pollutants to ensure product safety by Industrial upgrading and technological transformation

Legal responsibility : ensure financial transparency through the integrity of scientific and standardized financial control

Economic responsibility : sustainably protect employees, shareholders and the common interests of society by the pursuit of a reasonable level of profitability


Public Welfare Action :

Nov. 2009 MH "hand in hand" volunteer association is set up to connect the company and social responsibility, and gradually grow into a 50 people love team.

Nov. 2010 MH "small bean sprouts" foundation starts Student Program.

Jan. 2015 MH "Firefly" staff mutual funds starts to help the internal staff of the family in the event of sudden and major difficulties

May 2015 MH "green trace" public service brand is initiated to advocate outdoor activities, protect natural ecology, practice and transfer green footprint of the concept of environmental protection



Warm care of MH

MH publicly service activity.

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